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You are always welcome. Embury is warm and friendly in its truest sense. But then again it is to be experienced, not promoted. In this age of super stores and super sizes, we are not embarrassed that we are small. In fact, we believe it is one of our strengths where you feel more like part of a caring family, not part of a "congregation." Most importantly, at Embury, it's all about growing disciples, not adding members. It's not about maintaining our facility but it's about loving our neighbors and loving God. (Mark 12:30-31)
You are always welcome!

Pie Make

Embury Pie Make

Pie makes begin SEPT 23 and 24

Come join your fellow pie makers and find out how much fun you can have making apple pies. The proceeds from the sale go to many organizations in the community near and far for the good cause. Many hands help us get the work done!!


  • Oct. 14-15
  • Nov. 11-12
  • Dec. 2-3

Mark your calendars!!

Beginning 9/11 for Seven Weeks

Sermon Series

We long for true joy, for genuine happiness and for a full sense of blessedness in our lives.  We try to find the answers by fulfilling our superficial desires and drives through what our world and our culture offer us.  We strive for bigger things, better arrangements and higher positions thinking those things equate with God’s blessings.  In the end, rather than finding fulfillment, we are left feeling empty and lost.  Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount teaches Beatitudes “state of blessedness or happiness”. 

Come! Join us for these seven weeks that began on September 11th and discover the ways to experience fulfillment and true joy as we hear the words of Jesus.

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