Welcome to Embury

Celebrating 150 years of Loving God and our Community 1869 - 2019

You are always welcome. Embury is warm and friendly in its truest sense. But then again it is to be experienced, not promoted. In this age of super stores and super sizes, we are not embarrassed that we are small. In fact, we believe it is one of our strengths where you feel more like part of a caring family, not part of a "congregation." Most importantly, at Embury, it's all about growing disciples, not adding members. It's not about maintaining our facility but it's about loving our neighbors and loving God. (Mark 12:30-31) You are always welcome!


Faith and action go together (James 2:14-26).  There are many ways to live out your faith at Embury.

  • pie fixesIf you haven't had an Embury apple pies, then you haven't lived.  All kidding aside, the apple pies we make and sell have been helping the ministries near and far for over 50 years.

    With your help, we made pies 4 times in 2013, in September, October, November, and December….  A total of more than 1000 pies!!

    That means….

    • More than 50 boxes of apples peeled,cored, sliced;
    • More than 200 bags of dough for crusts,

    made from:

    • More than (gasp!) 300 lbs of Crisco;
    • More than 300 lbs of sugar;
    • More than 500 lbs of flour!

    AND…most importantly, a countless amount of labor (estimate: 1000 hours per pie make season!) donated by our most important ingredient, YOU!!

    Thanks to your efforts, we made close to $10,000, which will be used to help a variety of needs and causes.  In past years, our earnings have been distributed to programs within and outside of our church, including the following:

    • the youth group’s mission trip;
    • the United Methodist Homes;
    • A Future with Hope (NJ campaign
    • helping those with losses from Sandy);
    • Needs within our church, including the restoration of our organ;
    • United Methodist Commission on Relief programs in Africa;
    • 180 Turning Lives Around

    We can't wait to get back to it in the fall!Contact: Joan Cichalski, Katharine McCleary

  • Celebrate your birthday with a gift to help others!  
    and 180 Turning Lives Around receive donations from the Birthday Box.   Your donation can be placed in the Birthday Box in the narthex or in the collection plate. Make checks payable to Embury UMC with the notation "Birthday Box".  If you already celebrated your birthday and forgot to donate, it's never too late!

    Contact: Carol Johnson

  • Altar flowers are a great way to celebrate and honor a special person of an event.  It provides us opportunities to thank God for that special someone and/or events. The sign-up sheet is in the back of the sanctuary.Contact: Beverly English

  • Food gift card is a good way to help our ministries.  All you have to do is buy a gift card for the supermarket you usually shop and the church receives a rebate.

    Stella Bishop for Acme or Foodtown

    Wade & Wendy Turnock for A & P

  • For many children in Monmouth County, summer not only means the end of the school year but also means missing a daily school meal. The St. Luke's Food Pantry in Long Branch serves about 1200 families each month. Donations of baby food, toilet paper and detergent are always appreciated, as well as peanut butter and jelly during the summer months. Also, please recycle your plastic grocery bags with them. A donations box is located near the church entry. Thank you so much for your continuing support.